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Ithmar for Agriculture Supplies

Agriculture Pioneers in Libya

Development Quality Integrity Ambition

نطمــح لأن تكــون شــركة إثمــار فــي أعلــى المســتويات, وذلــك مــن خــلال دعــم وتعزيــز القيــادة وروح الفريــق الواحــد, ونحــرص علــى الإســتمرار فــي ســباق التنافســية مــن خــلال الأفــكار الجديدة والمبتكــرة.
نحـرص علـى الجـودة فـي كل جوانـب أعمالنـا ابتـداًء مـن الخطـط المدروسـة و الكفـاءات المسـؤولة ، و مـرورا بأنظمتنـا الإداريـة و إنتهـاًء بتعاملاتنـا مـع شـركائنا وعملائنـا.
لا نفــرط فــي النزاهــة فــي كافــة تعاملاتنــا، و نحــرص علــى كســب ثقــة شــركائنا و عملائنــا علــى الــدوام بأخلاقنــا المهنيــة العاليــة.
نهتم بالتقدم في مجالنا وريادته دائما، لذلك نمهد كافة السبل للتعلم والتدريب ومواكبة تطورات المجالات الزراعية محلياً وعالمياً.

Who Are We?

Ithmar for Agriculture Supplies Company is a Libyan company established in 2021. We contribute to establishing the rules of agricultural work and developing this sector in order to reach the best results by providing the appropriate elements for the advancement of the agricultural field in Libya and improving the quality of crops with economic and high quality products.


We provide the latest and finest agricultural equipment and products from the best international companies in the field of agriculture to meet the requirements of the agricultural market in all Libyan cities. You can find out more details about our products by browsing our online store

Agricultural Machinery and Accessories

We provide agricultural machines of different sizes and styles that are resistant to environmental factors such as humidity and high temperatures

Glass Houses

We provide a variety of different protected greenhouses according to the type of crop that will be grown inside of it

Pumps and Irrigation Systems

We provide modern irrigation systems, including (sprinkler irrigation, drip irrigation, and center pivot irrigation)


We import useful and effective pesticides to eradicate pests


We have fertilisers from the best international companies to improve the structure of the soil and increase its ability to retain water


We provide a variety of high quality seeds that grow into impurity-free crops
Our Work

We always strive to provide the best agricultural services to Libyan farmers and peasants, as well as to keep pace with the development and progress in the field of agriculture in order to move forward to achieve the goals and vision of the company

Supporting farmers and peasants

through periodic field visits to farms

Conducting scientific experiments

where the best seeds are selected

Providing training for employees

through accredited scientific training programs

Participation in agricultural forums

Through exhibitions, workshops and local and international conferences

Our Branches

We can be found in various Libyan cities to serve our customers and improve the agricultural production in Libya, and we aspire to be the first choice for the Libyan farmers in all Libyan territories




Tripoli: Al-Jaleeda - Njeela - Alkremiya - Qasir Ben Ghashir - Wadi Alrabea - Tajura - Qura Boulli - Qasir Kheyar


Zletin & Khoms





We aspire to be the first partner for all leading companies in the field of agriculture and agricultural supplies, locally and internationally